“With me you will leverage the power of your brand story to make your competition irrelevant, turbo-charge demand, and dramatically increase profitability.”

Pat Perdue

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“The quick growth of my business is directly tied to the phenomenal results Pat delivered.”

Client Testimonial, Executive Coach

Sandra L.
Senior Executive, global brand.

“Pat’s process completely transformed my resume and Linkedin profile into a compelling story that caught the attention of executive recruiters, and prepared me for my interviews with company founders, and boards of directors.  It was well worth the investment.”

Red K.
Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

“Working with Pat is never work; it’s discovery, it’s inspiration and it’s fun. Every person who gets on a stage to inspire people and change lives, should have a Pat Perdue in their life.”

Kathryn G.
Chair, Leading Spas of Canada

“Pat and his team have had a transformational impact on our organization in a very short time. Pat’s strategic marketing expertise, in addition to the beautiful content his team developed (logo design, messaging, value proposition, and a complete website overhaul) was remarkable.”

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Discover how I can help you make your competition irrelevant,  turbo-charge demand, and increase profitability.

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