About Pat Perdue

From pitching television in Cannes, to leading brand experience f0r major brands, to launching contact centers in North American and the Asia, to training some of the world’s leading customer service organizations,  Pat Perdue’s vast experience means that he sees not just the “big” picture; he sees the entire picture.  

As a gifted story-teller, Pat Perdue has hosted numerous podcasts and radio programs, and his work has influenced some of the world’s most recognized brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, FCB Advertising, Fashion TV, Bravo Television, and more. 

Pat’s enormous breadth of experience includes his deep understanding of product branding, creating an authentic customer experience, and telling that brand & experience story in the most persuasive way possible. These are the cross-roads where Pat focuses his vision and delivers results for his clients.

Pat helps to transform hand-picked organizations as well as a select number of executives and thought leaders on leveraging both their story, as well as their client experience, to drive results.

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