Effective That Drive Leads and Sales

We Create Emails That Get Opened and Read.

Emails for Engagement

Engage with your community with simple, ongoing messages that strengthen your relationship with your fanbase.

Email Drip Campaigns

Longer, story-form drip campaign emails get opened because they add value and demonstrate your value, which means more leads and more wins.

Engaging Email Copy

It's not enough for your emails to be opened. We ensure your message is clearly written, engaging, and on brand.

Constant Results Measurement

We are constantly refining our subject headings. A/B testing for best results, and monitoring click-throughs to ensure your message is getting read.

Email marketing that is consistenly relevant, adds value, and has a clear call to action, is an incredibly effective tool for sales and engagement."
Pat Perdue
Founder of Socialicity / Ycastr

Email Marketing By the Numbers

1 %
want brand emails

49% of consumers would like to receive weekly emails from brands they follow.

billion emails were sent in 2019

Emails being among the top methods for building and keeping business, make sure your emails stand out.

1 x
Return on Investment

Email marketing enjoys a massive 42x return on investment.

Every brand has a story to tell. To resonate, that story needs to be relevant, and never boring. brands that accomplish these two things accomplish a third thing: success.

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