Pat Perdue’s Unique Executive Personal Branding helps you Claim your Chair in the C-Suite.

I frame your career of tactical successes into a story of vision, leadership, and transformation.  You need to tell the story that
C-Level recruiters
are looking for, and I help you do that. 

What Customers Say

When I came to Pat Perdue, I wasn’t used to preparing executive level collateral required to be considered for senior leadership positions.  I had even spent money on another company, and it was a disaster.  Pat’s process completely transformed my resume, my Linkedin presence, and was directly responsible for helping me land my new role.

How I Help: Each Client is Unique.

In addition to personalized Strategic Guidance, here’s what you’ll receive…

Your Linkedin profile will establish a pattern of leadership and vision.

A Complete Linkedin Make-Over that establishes you as a Leader and Visionary

Having analyzed the Linkedin presence of hundreds of top business leaders, I can provide you with insights to transform your Linkedin presence into one that has gravitas, presence; in other words, what recruiters and boards are looking for.

An Executive Resume that speaks to your Vision, Leadership, and Ability to Lead

The Executive CV (Resume) is not the resume of the VP.  It’s not about accomplishments (those are a table stakes), it’s about vision, leadership, and the ability to grow an organization.   I’ll make sure that’s the story your resume is telling.

Your Executive Resume will tell a story of Vision, Leadership, and the ability to grow the bottom line.

Your publishing credentials will showcase your intelligence, and your thought leadership, and put you in the path of Executive Recruiters.

Articles in Key Publications, such as Forbes, demonstrating your bona fides as an industry thought leader.

Publishing is key.  Being “searchable” is key.  Having already established leadership says that you can do the job without you having to say you can do the job.  You need to get published, and I can help you with that.

Additional tactics as needed (such as podcast appearances), that help get you in front of the right recruiters and boards

Providing top quality video and podcasting, we help our clients dramatically increase their results, and establish themselves as thought leaders and visionaries, and help them attract the attention of C-level recruiters.

Podcasts and Videos can greatly improve your your "find-ability," and make recruiters and boards come to you.

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