"Launch Your Podcast!"
Masterclass for Podcast Creators

Launching a podcast can be both incredibly complex.  From designing art, to choosing between Video Podcasts or Audio Only Podcasts, our 6 week long “Launch My Podcast” Masterclass for Podcast Creators is everything you need to know to successfully launch, and grow, your podcast.  From choosing the right equipment, to sounding great on the mic, our “Launch My Podcast” Masterclass for Podcast Creators has all the answers to get your podcast launched the right way.  This course includes formal instruction, as well as regular coaching opportunities, to ensure your podcast gets off the ground.  And because each client is different, “Launch My Podcast” is custom designed to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

By the end of this 6 week program you will:

Learn what equipment you'll need

Choosing the right equipment for your podcast can be daunting.  From what mic to in vest in, to digital recording devices and mixers, the right “gear” can mean the difference between a podcast that people want to listen to, and a podcast no one listens to.  We take the guesswork out of it for you.

Create a winning Podcast Intro and Outro

From sourcing music, to recording your podcast intro (which can include hiring voice talent, depending on your budget), getting these details right can set your podcast apart from the rest.  We make sure you’ll make the right choices.

Sound Great on the Microphone

No one wants to hear you sound like it’s your first day as a podcaster.  We provide specific training to help you sound great, from interview techniques, to recording and listening practice and feedback, we spend time with you helping you sound like you’ve been hosting a podcast for years.  

Learn to Edit for Great Sound

Sound is your only medium (and with video, it will be your primary medium), so you’ll want to sound as professional as possible.  This means removing many of the “ums,” and other filler words, as well as removing “hissing” sounds, pops, and making sure everyone can be easily heard without being overly loud.   We make sure you have the skills to make you and your guest sound amazing.

Launch Your Podcast

Launching your podcast means selecting a podcast data host, applying for your podcast approval through Apple, uploading your podcast episodes, and making them available on the Internet.  All of this requires thought, research, and coaching.  We’ll guide you through every step of the process.

And so much more!

With over 200,000 new podcasts launched every year, it’s important to do everything you can to get your podcast off on the right foot.  Call us today.

Hear from Pat Perdue's Clients:

“The quick growth of my business is directly tied to the phenomenal results Pat delivered.”

Client Testimonial, Executive Coach

Sandra L.
Online Brand Creator

“Working with Pat gave me the confidence and the skills I needed to finally launch my online business.  From creating my website, to setting up social media, to creating a sales funnel, Pat helped ME make it happen.  It was well worth the investment.”

Red K.
Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

“Working with Pat is never work; it’s discovery, it’s inspiration and it’s fun. From creating a website to writing a book, to crafting a keynote speech that truly inspires, every person who wants to inspire people and change lives should have a Pat Perdue in their life.”

Kathryn G.
Chair, Leading Spas of Canada

“Pat and his team have had a transformational impact on our organization in a very short time. Pat’s strategic marketing expertise, in addition to the beautiful content his team developed (logo design, messaging, value proposition, and a complete website overhaul) was remarkable.”

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