The Pat Perdue Essential Presentation Masterclass

Our 6 week long Essential Presentation Masterclass ensures that you will own the stage (or video Zoom screen) of every presentation you deliver.  From development of visuals, to stage presence, your presentation abilities will ensure your message is on point and memorable.  We tailor every program to meet our clients’ specific needs. 

By the end of this 6 week program you will:

Learn to improvise on the spot, and tell incredible stories

Feel so confident in your material you will be able to improvise, with prepared go-to stories that will resonate with your audiences you can dive into in the moment.

Craft a Winning Introduction

Craft a professional, enticing introduction that does more than highlight your experience; it positions you as a genuine leader in your field, making listeners want to learn more about you.

Create a professional visual template

Have a professional presentation template you can use for every presentation.  Gone are the days of re-creating every presentations  again and again from scratch.

Create visuals that compliment your message

Create great visual messaging that compliments any presentation you make.  (Never read your slides again)

Learn the Presentation Techniques the pros use

  • Techniques to connect to your audience,
  • Language pacing, Pausing for effect and to deeping your audience connection
  • How to use humor and laughter,
  • Inclusive story-telling, we will unleash your natural presentation style.
  • Hear from Pat Perdue's Clients:

    “The quick growth of my business is directly tied to the phenomenal results Pat delivered.”

    Client Testimonial, Executive Coach

    Sandra L.
    Online Brand Creator

    “Working with Pat gave me the confidence and the skills I needed to finally launch my online business.  From creating my website, to setting up social media, to creating a sales funnel, Pat helped ME make it happen.  It was well worth the investment.”

    Red K.
    Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

    “Working with Pat is never work; it’s discovery, it’s inspiration and it’s fun. From creating a website to writing a book, to crafting a keynote speech that truly inspires, every person who wants to inspire people and change lives should have a Pat Perdue in their life.”

    Kathryn G.
    Chair, Leading Spas of Canada

    “Pat and his team have had a transformational impact on our organization in a very short time. Pat’s strategic marketing expertise, in addition to the beautiful content his team developed (logo design, messaging, value proposition, and a complete website overhaul) was remarkable.”

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