Social Media Content That Gets Results

We Create Scroll-Stopping Social Campaigns that Drive Business

Instagram Stories and Posts

Your Instagram feed is the place where you can truly connect, moment-by-moment, with your community. We create content that can help make that happen.

Share-worthy Moments

The best Social Media campaigns have an IRL component to them. We help create share-worthy experiences for your audience to broadcast to their networks.

Meaningful Digital Storytelling

Coordinating with other media and IRL, we create meaningful stories that resonate highly with your online audience

Content Development

Our Content Development Team can help create content that your brand can use over a variety of media, including blogs, video, and more.

Social Media, combined with share-worthy, real-life experiences that inspire and astonish your community, can have a seismic impact on the perceived relevance of your brand."
Pat Perdue
Founder of Socialicity / Ycastr

Social Media By the Numbers

1 B

Facebook has 45 billion active monthly users.  66% of whom say they Like or Follow a brand.

1 %

90% of Instagram’s 1 Billion users follow a brand on the platform, making it a supremely effective digital story telling platform.

1 M

90 Million of Linkedin’s 660 million registered users are senior level influencers.

Every brand has a story to tell. To resonate, that story needs to be relevant, and never boring. brands that accomplish these two things accomplish a third thing: success.

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