You recognize that one of the best ways to build your brand is to be a guest on podcasts, giving you access to potentially massive audiences.  What many podcast guests DON'T realize is that even if the interview goes well, their time is often wasted. With literally millions of podcasts out there, it's easy to be just another forgettable guest interview.

There's a better way. By following the 6 Essential Secrets to Becoming Podcast Perfect, you can ensure that every podcast guest experience grows your brand.

It's Time to Level Up Your Influence

You've worked hard to get where you are, and now you're ready for your next move, but are unsure where to start. Or maybe you've hit a plateau, and need help to get to the next level.

Book your complimentary 30 minute discovery call, and find out how I can help you.

Hear from Pat's Perdue's Clients:

Executive Client
Senior Leadership Team

“Pat’s process completely transformed my resume, my Linkedin presence, and prepared me for my interview with the board of directors.”

Red Katz
Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

Working with Pat is never work; it’s discovery, it’s inspiration and it’s fun. Every person who gets on a stage to inspire people and change lives, should have a Pat Perdue in their life.

Kathryn Gallagher
Chair, Leading Spas of Canada

Pat and his team have had a transformational impact on our organization in a very short time. Pat’s strategic marketing expertise, in addition to the beautiful content his team developed (logo design, messaging, value proposition, and a complete website overhaul) was remarkable.

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